"This was a day that we won’t soon forget. It will certainly be difficult to come up with anything that could top this in the future."
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eMission Scenarios

e-Missions™ are distance learning videoconference simulations in which students connect with a flight director at the Challenger Learning Center and use their problem solving skills and math and science abilities to work their way through a scenario fraught with crises. Each year more than 750 video connections are made to classrooms around the world. In fact, e-Missions have now been delivered to 14 countries in addition to the United States.  President George W. Bush even took part in an e-Mission in 2004. Check out down below the many interesting scenarios you can try out.

Watch an e-Mission in Action

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Available e-Missions


operation montserrat


Grades: 5-9 

cyber surgeons logo

Cyber Surgeons
Grades: 9-12

Moon Mars and Beyond

Moon Mars 
and Beyond
Grades: 3-5

hurricane alert!

Hurricane Alert!
Grades: 5-9

space station alpha logo

Space Station
Grades: 5-12



Grades: 4-6



Grades: 6-8

target moon


Target Moon
Grades: 6-8

Fire Scene Investigation

Fire Scene 
Grades: 6-8