"I do not know what else to say except, 'Wow!' What an amazing experience this mission was for my students and for me as an educator."
David Newdeck
Springfield Township Middle School

Operation Montserrat

operation montserrat The Soufriere Hills volcano located on the small island of Montserrat is ready to erupt at the same time a Category 3 hurricane is approaching the island from the east. The volcano team calculates rock fall and volcanic tectonic data to predict what will happen with the volcano. The hurricane team tracks the approaching hurricane and calculates estimated times of arrival on the island. The evacuation team uses population maps and available transportation options to move residents out of the danger zones to safe shelters on the island. Your team receives satellite data from the island every 5-6 minutes to assess the situation. The communication team’s job is to keep mission control informed about this brewing situation on Montserrat and to relay recommendations from all teams.


Grades: 5-9

Subjects: science, with connections to math, social studies, and language arts

Standards: Earth science, water cycle, weather, oceans and energy, rock cycle, lithospheric plates, ecosystems and spheres, risk management, graphing, graph interpretation, math in everyday life

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