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The NASA Challenger Center field trip is the highlight of the year for the sixth grade students at Crafton Elementary. One child said he had been waiting since kindergarten to go on this unique ride into space.

— Claire Rex, Pennsylvania Science Teacher of the Year

Onsite Teacher Training

To help prepare you for mission day, the Challenger Learning Center offers informative, one-day teacher professional development workshops to any teacher who has booked a mission at our center. At the workshop you will receive training to increase your knowledge of the mission content as well as standards-based pre-mission lessons and activities that can be done with your students to fuel their imaginations and fire up their minds for mission day. Also during the training you will be given the opportunity to participate in a mission in order to gain a better understanding of what mission day will be like.

Please contact us at (304) 243-8740 or clc@wju.edu to inquire about upcoming or available Professional Development dates and times.

Teacher Training Manual

All of the content and materials distributed at the teacher professional development workshops can be found in the Teacher Training Manual.