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My students gained much from this mission. What a wonderful opportunity this is for students to learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

— Marilyn M., Teacher, Edinboro Elementary

Space Explorers 2017 Summer Camps

You are invited to join an adventuresome crew of mission specialist and astronauts as they journey into space on a Voyage to Mars or Rendezvous with a Comet . You will travel aboard the Eagle II spacecraft for a Voyage to Mars with a new crew of astronauts to replace the existing crew who has manned Mars Control for the past two years or become part of a team of scientists and engineers who are on a daring mission to take an up-close look at a comet as it streaks its way across our solar system. So climb aboard for an out of the world experience unlike any other. 

Whatever journey you are assigned to, we promise to fire up your imagination as you experience the thrill of our two-hour simulated space missions. Spend the rest of the day participating in hands-on activities. Are you ready?

Wait list available for all full camps.

Ages: Space Explorers entering grades 4-7.
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Price: $45 per day (1 camp)
Dates: June 22nd | August 3rd


Explorers should bring a lunch and beverage.

To register, simply download and complete the Registration FormHealth Form, and Release Form for mailing. return these signed forms before the camp date your child will be attending, or registration will be delayed. Payment must be provided at the time of registration in order to secure your child’s place in the camp. Please register only one camper per form. Early registration is encouraged because camp sizes are limited.

Send all completed forms to:

Challenger Learning Center / Attn. Summer Camp
316 Washington Ave. 
Wheeling, WV 26003

IMPORTANT: If you would like to register for a camp that is less than two weeks away, please call 304-243-8740 to confirm availability.