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Onsite Mission Scenarios


The Challenger Learning Center offers a unique, hands-on learning experience designed to engage and increase student enthusiasm for science, mathematics, and technology and to enhance creative and critical thinking abilities. Our current mission is a two-hour learning adventure and is supplemented by a hour-long, hands-on activity facilitated by our trained flight directors. 








Current Mission offered: 

NASA recently launched a Rover (ROV) to the Moon to explore new areas and collect critical scientific data. However, the ROV lost power before any of the findings were sent back to Earth. A faster and more reliable process to gather this type of information is needed. The result is a new directive from NASA – human astronauts will return to the Moon!A team of astronauts must board a Spacecraft and launch to the Moon in search of a long-term habitat on the Moon. A team of scientists and engineers are stationed in Mission Control on Earth to command and assist the astronauts. Once the Spacecraft crew successfully lands on the Moon, they must deploy a Lunar Exploration ROV to identify a suitable location for a sustainable long-term human habitat.However, when the crew receives troubling readings from below the Moon’s surface, the two teams must work together and make critical decisions to turn a potential catastrophe into NASA’s finest hour!